Sunday, June 7, 2015

Living a Life you want is a Choice!

There is no place like home, yes, it's true and being far from your loved ones can sometimes so hard that you just want to go home and be contented with whatever life has to give you, but then you think again, "is it worth it? am I just going to spend the rest of my life here because I am afraid of failures, rejection and challenges that will come along the way? I have only one life to live, and there's more out there that I have to know and I have to find a way." Maybe you are afraid of the thought of "what if's", "what if no one will be there for me?, what if I can't make a living?, what if I will die so young?, what if this is not the life that I want to live" what if..... and so on, you are so anxious about anything. Well.. that's normal, everybody is battling with the same thoughts. And maybe that is life, uncertainties can really make you feel unsecured but it will also challenge you to find your way how to overcome it. For 10 yrs now, I have been wandering and making my history of success, failures, heartaches and happiness. I've met different people in my journeys. I learned how to be dependent, independent, get angry, forgive, move on and love. 

I see different perspectives in every situation. I learned how to discipline myself and choose my battle. So tough that sometimes I find myself asking, "is this really the life that I want to live?, Am I making any sense of my existence?" Well.. sometimes life is trivial if you see it in positive way.. simple living, contentment and happiness. But if you challenge yourself to see life in different perspective in a way that you don't usually do, maybe you can think that life is more than that and you can challenge yourself to see it in different way for the better.
I'm not an author of the book about life, love and relationship, sort of these stuff but I have so much in my head that I want to write it so people can read, be inspired and make a change in their lives.